Safety First

  • Do not leave a wrapped cat unattended.
  • If cat is on any surface other than the floor, always have at least one hand on cat.
  • We do not recommend keeping a cat wrapped for more than 15 minutes.

Pro Tip

In professional settings, we recommend trying the wrap first with docile cats, so you can get some practice mastering the basics, before you try to use it with a feisty cat.

We can walk you through a few basics here, but there is so much more to see.  Click here to go straight to our YouTube channel.  

The Basics


    How do I get a cat in this thing?

    • Want to see a video first?  Click here.
    • Get ready.
      • Lay Calm & Cozy on wide flat surface, floor or open table.
      • Open side flaps completely so that they lie flat.  Because some cats are sensitive to the sound of velcro, we recommend opening the whole thing up before the cat is even in the room.
      • Unzip zipper from the top down and open the wrap, so it's open and waiting for the cat.
    • Secure the neck first.
      • Holding cat carefully with one hand under belly and one hand in front of the shoulders or ventral neck, lower cat onto the open Calm & Cozy.
      • Bracing one hand on the back of the neck while holding the hook part of the velcro neck fleece, tuck front paws into the top of the opening.
      • Close velcro around the neck.
      • Zip the zipper
    • Swaddle snuggly.
      • Once the cat is zipped in, it's time to swaddle.  
      • Make sure to keep the swaddle wings flat and broad.
      • Lay the side "wing" with the big swath of velcro over the cat's body.  
      • Hold the first "wing" in place, nice and flat, while you pull the second wing tightly around the cat's body. 
      • It is important that the swaddle is very snug for the cat to feel comfortable and contained.  A loose swaddle is not comfy for a cat and can cause them to move and try to get out.
      • If you're planning to administer subQ fluids, wrap the swaddle a little bit lower on the back with the wings pointing slightly downward, making a "vbelow the interscapular region.
    • Check your work.
      • Once you have a good swaddle, you can re-adjust the neck and even tuck in a stray paw if they managed to stick one out the top.

    How do I wash it?

    • Machine wash your wrap separately or use mesh wash bag to prevent velcro from attaching to finer fabrics.
    • Make sure all velcro is closed to avoid fabric twisting or stitching breakdown.
    • Dry on medium heat.

    Pro Tip: Turn your wrap inside out for washing to get the areas most likely to be soiled extra clean.

    Take a temperature

    • Once the cat is secured in the Calm & Cozy, rotate cat so hind legs are closest to you.
    • Unzip the bottom of the zipper a few inches to access and lift tail.
    • Take rectal temperature as you normally do.
    • Once temperature reading is taken, tuck tail back into wrap and zip closed.
    • Want to see a video?  Click here.

    Give an injection

    • Once the cat is secured in the Calm & Cozy, open either of the two velcro flaps on either side of the hind legs to access the body for intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.
    • As described below under "Administer subQ fluids," the dorsal rostral zipper can also be pulled caudally to access the neck or interscapular space.

    Administer subQ fluids

    • To allow access to the interscapular area, refasten the main swaddle wings as if in an x shape across the back.  This will create a v-shaped opening at the top. 
    • Keeping the neck velcro secure, unzip the main zipper from the top down to administer fluids.  
    • Want to see a video?  Click here.

    Check blood pressure 

    • Once the cat is secured in the Calm & Cozy, slowly roll cat onto one side.
    • Open one lower-ventral Velcro flap or use ventral zipper to access hind leg to place blood pressure cuff.

    Take a blood sample

    • Once the cat is secured in the Calm & Cozy, carefully lift the cat’s head and feel below jaw for access point. A Elizabethan collar may make this even safer.
    • You should be able to access jugular vein by simply pushing down the neck of the Calm & Cozy slightly. (If you’re on the floor, we recommend setting the cat facing you on your outstretched legs.)
    • If taking a sample from the medial saphenous vein, the cat can be placed in lateral recumbency and the leg can be taken out of the 7” zipped on the ventrum.
    • Want to see a video?  Click here.

    Trim nails

    • When cat is secured in the Calm & Cozy, slowly roll cat onto one side. 
    • Open one black Velcro flap at a time to access paws close to each hole and pull one paw at a time through the hole to trim nails.
    • Want to see a video? Click here.