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Stress relief

My cat has never tolerated nail trims and it was incredibly stressful for the both of us. This product has been so perfect. She fights me less and I can get her nails done faster, everyone wins. It's also great for applying tick & flea meds. Thank you so much!

Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap - Medium
Victor Rehder Garcia

Our year old Persian/Ragdoll doesn't like any messing with his feet. The Cozy Wrap is purrfect for calming and corralling.

Absolutely wonderful!

My cat is a hefty 17 pounds and resists getting her nails trimmed with everything she has- thrashing, clawing , biting. We could not find a technique for towel or blanket wrapping that would hold her. Restraining her was very stressful for the both us.
I was so happy and shocked when the Calm Cozy Cat Wrap worked the first time. I purchase the size Large. I followed the directions and steps exactly as shown. It was actually very easy. She wasn't happy, but only growled a bit. Once she was secured, all I had to do was coax her paw out of the armhole. I've done this 3 times so far and the whole process takes less than 2 minutes.
The wrap is very well made. The fabric is thick and the velcro is very strong. The design makes it easy to trim one paw at a time without having to hold down your pet and the velcro collar protects you from biting.
I wish I had this years ago!

Best investment for my two cats and small dog, excellent design and quality! Now able to do care while they are secure and calm.
Highly recommended!

MUST HAVE for your toolbox!

We got our 1st Calm & Cozy a few years ago but now we have all 4 sizes. It’s a life saver for both the pet and the owner. The pet feels save and calmed all swaddled up like a baby, and the owner stays safe from claws. If used properly, it makes everything you need to do so much easier and smoother. 💗. And we love this new larger size for those chonkier babies.


This wrap is perfect, I have one Britishshorthair cat that due to having FIP (thankfully now fully recovered) loathes having to go the vet and also hates getting his nails trimmed. This wrap saves both him and me. This gives him comfort and security without all the added stress. I had tried wrapping him in a towel prior to the wrap but he is far too strong. Definitely the best investment I have made to keep our cats calm and happier with nail trimming and vet appointments.

best thing ever!

my spicy 17 yo cat is a hulk at the vet (even on gabapentin). the vet said "im so happy by how this visit went" because we could get all of her tests! she's going to buy some for the clinic . my cat has kidney disease so needs testing frequently. shes 14lbs and medium fit very well
thank you for making this nightmare so much easier :)

Better Burrito

We had been using the cat burrito method with a towel. She didn't like it but it worked, more or less.
The cat wrap made it easier for all of us. One she was zipped up she would relax and let us maintain her. It was a great improvement over our former method and made for a happier kitty.

Love this kitty wrap!

For our fractious cats this has made a world of difference! They are more relaxed and my staff are kept safe.

Makes clipping of the claws so easy! Best investment to date!

Exactly what I needed

I'm an elderly lady who lives alone with my three cats. At the beginning of the year one of the boys was diagnosed with kidney failure so of course he needs subq fluids for the rest of his life. Too expensive to keep taking him to the vet so I started doing the treatment at home and each time kitty grew more wiggly and restless. The procedure was becoming an exhausting battle and believe me I tried all the recommended tricks. Just in time I ran across a video for Calm and Cozy on YouTube and knew it was what I needed. Must say I was impressed with how quickly you shipped and I had my cat wrap in time for my boy's next fluid treatment. I haven't quite mastered how to keep his front paw out of the collar but he was certainly swaddled well enough to get the job done and he promptly forgot he had been restrained once I let him go. Thanks so much because I love my cat and want to keep him around as long as possible. You have definitely made my life a lot easier and I will be forever grateful.

This is a great product my daughter can cut her cats nail with out me helping five stars for that


Gamenchanger!!! As a house call vet I've used this both solo and with a tech. I didn't believe it'd work but it has absolutely changed my sassy kitty life! 100% recommend

Game changer!

I’m a new cat mom, adopting a special needs cat who needed me to administer medication in her ear. The Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap allowed me to administer medicine and cut her nails too (which I was scared to do). It’s been heaven sent!
A bit on the pricey side, but VERY effective. I even used it at the vet and the techs were in awe at how great it worked! Thank you

Maine Coons

Makes trimming nails on two kittens possible and purchased the larger size now as they are growing quickly. Takes some patience and some breaks but much safer for all of us. Giving some treats really helps :)

Good fit for 8 pound girl

I have one of each size. My vet comes to the house and uses the bags for my five cats. We were needing the small bag for a cat that was too big for the kitten bag and too short for the large bag. This one is just right. She can't roll around in it and vet can better control her for exams, blood work. Thanks.

Great Product

I love the extra sizes. My clients are amazed at how many things I do by myself with me arsenal of Calm and Cozy Cat Wraps.

So helpful!

I purchased the cat wrap when my stage three kidney disease cat was prescribed fluids to help combat her worsening kidney values. As I was going to have to administer the fluids by myself, I needed something to help
me keep her in place. The cozy wrap helps me keep her calm and in place without an extra pair of hands. For reference, my cat is just under 8lbs, but I still purchased the size medium. It’s definitely a little big; but because it allows for a little more space when administering fluids in her shoulders, it actually works out well. So glad to have this!


I am a mobile vet that is often doing appointments solo and this has been an AMAZING tool! My patients very much seem to prefer the use of the Calm Cozy Cat wrap - so much safer and stress free! I will continue to purchase these for my clinic and recommend that any veterinary clinic do so!

Awesome tool

This larger wrap is fantastic for those big opinionated cats, and has also helped with some small dogs. We love that the calm and cozy is soft and durable fabric. The old fashion nylon "cat bags" can't hold a candle to these wraps- they truly are cozy and they bring the calm vibes!

Excellent for solo work

I’ve used these for a couple of years and they’ve held up great! They’re easy to use, multifunctional, hold up to many washes, and make solo care a breeze. I can take blood or cysto many cats without extra hands.

Semi feral kitty

Back in November I got a semi feral kitten and of course he likes to bite so I thought this would work so much better for me and it does. I’m loving it. I got the blue one and he looks so cute in it but he still tries to bite me Bunting.

Love it! Nervous cats are more relaxed. Makes it easy for blood draws and cysto samples.

Very effective

I am a veterinarian and have used this wrap several times and have had very good results. Some cats seem to go into a kind of meditation while in the wrap. Can do almost anything that is needed on most cats. Can be a little tricky to put on, but usually works well. Greatly reduces need for sedation for simple procedures.

Large Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap
Mark B. (Ontario)

I have a young Bengal/Main Coon cross that was fine with me trimming his nails when he was a kitten, but at about six months of age (shortly after neutering him), he wanted nothing to do with it. All my efforts were in vain, using up all the tricks and holds that'd worked in my decades of cat ownership. I saw this in a twitter ad of all places, saw the practicality of it and did some more research. It wasn't cheap, so I looked around for alternatives, but there was nothing else like it anywhere that I could find. I took the plunge and ... well I've used it on him three times since it arrived, all with a successful trim of all four paws. He isn't afraid of the garment, even after multiple uses, and purrs when he's wrapped up. He'll still struggle to get out if he's in there too long, but his struggles are in vain. And again, he's purring the whole time, so it's a low stress experience, which I appreciate for the both of us. Great product. Well worth the purchase price.

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