Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap
Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap
Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap
Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap
Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap
Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap

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Calm & Cozy Kitten Wrap

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Picture our popular Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap, but cuter.

Just the right size: Invented by a vet, the Calm Cozy Kitten Wrap keeps kittens calm and snug during veterinary exams

Just the right openings: Easy access for vaccinations, blood draws, urine samples, blood pressure checks, nail trimming and more. 

Kitten size is recommended for cats 2-7 lbs that are no longer than 10" from neck to tail base. Please watch this video to learn more about how to find the best size for your cat: Finding the Right Size Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap.

100% polyester fleece. Color varies slightly. Machine washable. Laundry bag recommended. Made responsibly in the USA and Guatemala. US Patent 11,344,396.

Because of the nature of our product, all sales are final.  

Manufacturing defects will be repaired or exchanged free of charge within 180 days of purchase.  If your wrap has a manufacturing defect, contact


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I wish they were cheaper but as a fear free LVT I love them and they really make a difference. They are far superior to any “cat bag”. Mesh bags nails will get through and the plastic material ones are so loud which definitely increases cat FAS. Add in the fact that neither of those options have compression and do nothing for the wiggle worms and don’t have any additional help which compression is very helpful and I am slowly doling out the cost to acquire more. I loved how much they helped our two spicy surgical patients on our last cat only day and I look forward to seeing how the small version works for baby kittens we have to get FeLV/FIV snap blood work on. I like to combo this with a soft ecollar or space helmet plus of course feliway and calming music. I wish we could get the discount for the multi pack for individual items if we end up buying 6 over time maybe apply the amount to the last one. I am paying for them myself and I will take them with me if I leave my clinic.

M. Hensler
Solo house calls now easier than ever!!

I am a solo house call veterinarian and this calm and cozy cat wrap has literally been a life saver! It allows for fear free examinations on my kitty patients, some of which would have never been able to get safely done in a fear free manner! I love it so much I bought a second. Highly recommend!! If you’re on the fence trust me you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!

Tina D
Loved the adult size so bought a kitten one too

This is a well-made essential item for anyone involved in cat/kitten rescue! I have been in cat rescue for 25 years and have tried many bags over the years and this is by far the very best I have ever used! This is a little large for the kittens I work with (Neonates) but it definitely helps contain them if you need to give fluids or clip nails. It would be perfect for larger kittens! If/when they make neonate size, I will be purchasing that one as well!

Rebecca Willis
You Need One!

As my clinic's certified crazy cat lady, I saw these and knew we needed them. Great for little fractious kitties for FIV/Leuk blood draws, or sick kittens that need blood or fluids. Highly recommend!

Christina Amos

I have to give my cat daily shots and have no help to hold him. With the cat wrap not only do I not need someone to hold him, he stays calm through the process.